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Our passion is to create fully customized interiors, through enthusiastic search for diversity and distinction. Havelkadesign give solutions in wide range of residential and commercial projects. We engage different levels of service from design consulting and concept development to design projects which are presented with technical drawings, 3D visualizations and specification of projects costs. During re/construction period we provide on-site supervision and collaboration with all stakeholders. If your vision entails unique and bespoke interiors, we are the right choice for you!

Jelena Havelka

Jelena Havelka


Jelena is director and principal interior designer at Havelkadesign. Her creativity enabled her to work in many design related projects, from fashion design, make-up, hairstyle, set design, graphic and product design, exteriors and interiors. If she’s not travelling around the globe you can find her in office working endlessly. It would be hard to define what this queen of laughter does best, cooking, dancing...

Marija-Diana Lukić Stojčić


Lukić Stojčić


Marija is expert associate in the field of construction and architecture. She works on project design and documentation, budgeting and project surveillance. When her adventurous spirit’s had enough, she bangs her drums and plays guitar! This explorer loves so many things, but we can assure you, one thing she doesn’t is to be photographed.

Marjan Pinter

Marjan Pinter


Marjan is in charge of elaboration of technical drafts, bills of quantity and 3D visual presentations in interior design, exterior and architecture. We could all agree he’s the most reliable campaigner, for when the going gets tough, he gets going! This lover of sports is always there to help with his optimistic smile!

Dajana Budimir-Pacek




Dajana has more than two decades of work experience as a commercial manager. She is in charge of cooperating with suppliers, making calculations and everything related to it. She solves impossible things immediately and for miracles she needs a little more time.

Nenad Havelka

Nenad Havelka

Contract manager

Nenad is experienced lawyer with expertise in commercial, labor and mandatory law. After many years working in construction sector he is now engaged in business consulting. Since he didn’t pursue his early days professional basketball career, we are lucky to have him as our righteousness guy who sticks to chess and billiards. And yes, he makes the best stews ever!

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