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Trending Textiles in 2018

Textiles play a big role in interior designing, not only by distinctive textures but also with color and rich embroidery which can provoke different moods.

One of the favorite places designers like to go are definitely textile fairs. This year´s Home Textiles Premium Fair by Textilhogar in Madrid was a place to be for decorators, interior designers, architects, upholstered furniture manufacturers, textile publishers and all others who seek for inspiration. It was happening in Madrid's famous La Caja Magica (“Magic Box” in translation).

There was way more to see besides current trendy earth colors which dominated in pattern styles together with colorful floral and animal designs. Nicely displayed different pattern versions of the same colour give designers instant inspiration of its use in interiors. One can combine many kinds of textiles and patterns while staying in the same colour range. That is especially very valuable when matching upholstered furniture with drapery.

One thing that stands out is “El Cubo” (“The Cube” in English), the space where interior designers showcased their innovative way of using the fabric in interior decoration. Interior design studio leMoBba did very interesting preview of a hotel room. They used textiles in every possible way, on the table edges, partition walls, bathtub, etc. The overal look was really amazing and inspiring!

I hope that some of our captured scenes will light up your thoughts. Enjoy!

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