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How we designed successful workplace - INCHOO

Many of us dream about having huge empty space to be able to create a stunning whatever-I-want-decoration. What probably never crosses our mind, that despite having open space we can still bump into obstacles which need to fit in. Soon-to-be Inchoo office had 3 major elements which needed to be incorporated: inclined walls all along its longitudinal shape, 12 supporting pillars equally arranged throughout the space and 4 big exits to the surrounding terrace, which occupy a lot of space.

11 pillars have been hidden in office closets that created a visual barrier from the glass wall hallway, but there was still one left in the midst of the main multifunctional area. Driven by the problem to arrange maximum seating places and hide this boring pillar is how this awesome mushroom-shaped construction came into existence. “Blue Magic”, how we call it, does not only looks cool but is also has a 360° seating area which can serve its purpose during bigger meetings. Moreover, it's actual rectangular shape has been remodeled by mushroom-like back that spreads till the ceiling. It has been made of wooden base construction and flexible wooden panels covered with upholstery. Its blue colour finely unites juxtaposed green colour of nearby seats and red translucent curtains in the corner area.

As for the hallway, we wanted to “cut” the tense line of a long hallway, so we used identical texture of the office doors and made floor inserts which make a horizontal continuation of every door. Another nice asset are vertical led lights alongside every door, which warn the others not to enter when lit red, for there is a meeting going on, or they simply don't want to be bothered.

To make the most out of the terrace exit space we created a unique so-called Jungle room. Its wooden textured round-shape alludes to a tree, eco-friendly environment and green colors of Inchoo brand. Internet cables inside the room are hanging from a ceiling wrapped up in a rope for modern Tarzans to swing from network to network. Optical fibers at the ceiling light up as fireflies in the night.

Incorporating some cool details and creating new elements in a loft, Inchoo turned into funky and creative office where you have to feel good. Whenever you want some fresh air, there is no need to go outside the office but simply exit to an awesome terrace with a wonderful town view.

PHOTOS by. Romulic & Stojcic

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