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Merry Christmas from HAVELKADESIGN

December 27, 2018

Everyone thinks about getting a Christmas tree. It´s the season symbol, a mixture od tradition and joy. Part of what we are... 


Here at HAVELKADESIGN, it made us think about remarkable pieces of furniture that would make any room sparkle like a Christmas bauble. In our Christmas Blog, we would love to share our thoughts hoping you would like our selection… 



Pixel cabinet is a piece for bold and daring types, one of our most adorable pieces.  


P.S. Did you know that extended version of Masters Chair won Good Design Award 2010? How cool is that!? 



Awesome set of green chairs would surely accompany any Christmas tree. In combination with proper lighting, that is all you need to make your room look festive.


P.S. Have we mentioned that chair design was inspired by Cirque de Soleil?



Inevitable golden red combination arouses desire and passion. Piccadilly cabinet is a must have for those with an excellent eye for detail, gilded in age golden leaf. Hand cutted Glance mirror represents disorder in the delight of emotions.


P.S. Piccadilly Cabinet has been inspired by Piccadilly Circus in London, expresses dichotomy of traditional and modern - exactly what Christmas today is.



Ethereal combination translucent and fresh colours, allows light to come through in attractive way. Lapiaz console resembles a freshly cracked stone in elegant way.


P.S. Even though this armchair is called “Imperfect”, we believe it´s a prefect beauty for any room.


The warmth and love surrounding Christmas is a joy to be savored with family and friends. It is a time to give and share with one another. Here’s to wishing all of You the best this season has to offer.


Sincerely yours, HAVELKADESIGN


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