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LA PAMELA HAT - Exhibition of 6 monumental sculptures by Manolo Valdés

As we love to share and communicate interesting content with our audience on different themes and subjects, we decided to write a few words on a spectacular exhibition we have recently visited in Valencia, Spain. Grab your coffee and enjoy!

La Pamela

A project promoted by Hortensia Herrero Foundation, has landed a monumental exhibition of Spanish sculptor Manolo Valdés in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia (Spain). The exhibition, previously presented in Place de Vendome in Paris (France), reflects artist's interaction with monuments in surrounding space.

La doble imagen

A six giant head sculptures by Valencia native and one of the most widely recognized artists, are influenced by the tradition of Spanish painting and history of art. As part of Foundation´s mission, to develop and promote artistic and cultural awareness in the Valencia region, it was assured that the most popular monument of the exhibition remains in the city of Valencia.

La diadema

A popular voting was held, where visitors chose their preferred sculpture. The voting was open for turists and locals during 77 days. Made entirely of aluminium with a weight of 4150 Kg, the Pamela hat clearly won the competition, creating difference from the start. Acquired and donated to the city of Valencia by the Foundation, it will be exposed in reconstructed and rebranded Valencia Marina area.

Los aretes

Few more words on Manolo Valdés: this worldwide known artists has held exhibitions all over the world and his work is recognised by many institutions and fellow artists. His work creates part of permanent collections in

Metropolitan museum in New York City (USA) and Pompidou Centre in Paris (France).


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