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Social work: EPIKA - Winter Creative School

As part of our efforts to create a consciousness about the importance of design and it's influence on everyday life, Havelkadesign always tries to participate in social events, conferences or courses, and create public awareness of this matter.

Graditelji Novih Graditelja

We were happy and excited when we received the invitation to participate in this year's "Winter Creative School" (Zimska Kreativna Škola), organized by Graditeljsko-geodetska škola - Osijek. We accepted the invitation as a profesional challenge, not only something we can do for the community.

"Winter Creative School" is an bold initiative for creating interest at young generations for engineering, architecture, design, arts and natural sciences. With concept of different "hand's-on" workshops, it brings nearness of these future jobs to the students.

EPIKA - Winter Creative School

Havelkadesign participated by creating a workshop "EPIKA", with two specific goals: introduction into developing a sense for space for the young participants and ideas for re-designing of the center school space into new inspirational environment. At the workshop participated 5 high school pupils who created few different ideas for the space.

EPIKA - Winter Creative School

The basic concept of the workshop was based on idea of brining a single emotion to influence the design of the school center space. Participants have examined the space, defined the constructive elements, defined the disadvantages and advanteges. Each participant have defined colour that represents the emotion who have impact the final ground plan sketches.

EPIKA - Winter Creative School

At the end, we would like to thank the organization for the invitation to this winter school. It was a great exepiriance for us and we really enjoy it. We encourage them for the next editions, in the years to come.

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