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2 Jan 2019

New year is always a new challenge. A new path for new beginnings…and everything that is new could be modern, young, fresh or revolutionary. It´s up to you how your 2019 will be and now is the time to make your New Year resolutions.  

We at HAVELKADESIGN, would like to promise you many interesting blogs and texts for 2019, that could spice-up your resolutions. Stay tuned.

Happy New Year and happy reading!


27 Dec 2018

Everyone thinks about getting a Christmas tree. It´s the season symbol, a mixture od tradition and joy. Part of what we are... 

Here at HAVELKADESIGN, it made us think about remarkable pieces of furniture that would make any room sparkle like a Christmas bauble. In our Christmas Blog, we would love to share our thoughts hoping you would like our selection… 

Pixel cabinet is a piece for bold and daring types, one of our most ador...

30 Oct 2018

Jelena Havenka and Njuskalo CEO Sanda Soptija Šiljak

This has been, by all means, a month of interior design awards. This time we headed to London into the finals of one of the most prestigious and recognized International Property Awards. The Awards are in their 25th year and cover 48 categories for regions Arabia, Europe, Africa, Canada, Central & South America, the Caribbean, USA, UK and Asia Pacific. Announcement of the win...

15 Oct 2018

Many of us dream about having huge empty space to be able to create a stunning whatever-I-want-decoration. What probably never crosses our mind, that despite having open space we can still bump into obstacles which need to fit in. Soon-to-be Inchoo office had 3 major elements which needed to be incorporated: inclined walls all along its longitudinal shape, 12 supporting pillars equally arranged throughout the space and 4 big e...

30 Sep 2018

We are proud to announce that Havelkadesign will be part of the the biggest design event in Slovenia, not only presenting its work but also being the Winner of the BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2018 for INCHOO offices in Osijek, Croatia. But that is not all! Havelkadesign has been also nominated for another award in the category “Workplace”. 

Event takes place in Ljubljana from Oct. 16 - Nov. 23  18 countries from Southeast Eur...

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